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RotoPass helped me win $1,000,000 in the 2015 DraftKings World Fantasy Football Championship. I use RotoPass every day during the NFL Season.

Charles Chon (aka "Condia"), one of the highest ranked DFS players in the world.

If you don't have a RotoPass account yet, you're not planning on winning your Fantasy Football League this year!" #alert #waiverking.

@Evan3Longoria, Rays 3b, Fantasy Champion, RotoPass Subscriber

Got my account yesterday and dominated my #88Crew draft last night.

@DaleJr, Dale Earnhardt Jr, NASCAR Champion, Dirty Mo Racing 12 team FF Champ, RotoPass subscriber

First year I had RotoPass was the first year I made the playoffs and won my league. Not a coincidence.


I was consistently finishing 3rd or 4th in my leagues. Bought the Rotopass and took home 1st in 2 leagues 2nd in another.


Must have... Helped me make the playoffs in 90% of my leagues this past season. Thanks TMR!


Matthew. Rotopass is brilliant. Thank you!


Football Guys

Anyone that has utilized knows what an invaluable resource it is. I've been a subscriber for years and can say that Footballguys was integral in my winning $100,000 in the Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event. If you want to be successful in your Fantasy Football Leagues year in and year out then look no further. This is the place to be.

John Haskell, FFPC Champ

There are all kinds of fantasy football updates that pop into my computer or onto my phone. Most I simply delete. But not the Footballguys newsletter. When it shows up, I sit down and read. And learn.

Adam Schefter, ESPN Analyst was invaluable in giving me the advice and resources I needed to win the WCOFF's (World Championship of Fantasy Football) $200,000 Grand Prize.

Chris Schussman, WCOFF Champ

We've tried other services and these guys are hands down the best. is the one site we recommend for dominating your league.

Alex Hayden and Jed Michaelson, WCOFF Champions


I wanted to start by saying that this website is the best investment that I may have ever made in my life. I would recomend it to everyone I know but I am afraid to give up my competitive advantage. Needless to say thank you very much.

Assad Waathiq, San Carlos, CA

I just wanted to say thanks to the staff at Rotowire for the great job you guys did this year. I am a first time subscriber to Rotowire and I will most certainly be on the list of returning customers. There is simply no comparison, you are the best hands down. I believe I could not have gone as far as I did this year without your site to assist me throughout the NFL season. I really like all the features that are available on the site, and I do not think you can make it any better. The ask the expert feature is invaluable in that you get instant feedback for those tough decisions that are frequently encountered during the season. Looking forward to next year and another winning season with Rotowire, Again... Thank You.

Scott McCurdy, Fair Oaks, CA

You're awesome! ... What service! Your site is by far the best format that I've seen. And thank your people for getting back to me so soon. Nobody does stuff like that these days. You guys are a credit to your profession! Who's better than you ... huh? ... who? You guys are incredible. I thank you very much! Subscriber for life I am!

Marcel Charlesworth, Portland, ME

Roster Watch

Paid for Rosterwatch at 11am....Won $1,000 by 4:30pm. All due to your DraftKings advice.

Steve, RW Pro User

Used the cheat sheet and in season downloads last year. Got me in all 5 "Super Bowls," winning 3 of them. It works.

RW Pro User Kip C. (@BomisHawg on Twitter)

I use your cheat sheet every year. The one that tells you exactly who to pick and where...I've won 4 years in a row playing in my company league using it. Thanks!

RW Pro User William Price


The RotoViz Similarity Score apps are the best tool available for fantasy players who are attempting to place the previous season's results in context and effectively calibrate their expectations for future value. Being able to visualize the way historical players performed after similar seasons is hugely valuable when constructing your personal board. Although good fortune also played an obvious role, I wouldn't have won the 2013 NFFC Primetime championship without access to the RotoViz apps.

Shawn Siegele, 2nd Overall NFFC Career Earnings

The Rotoviz GLSP apps were my secret weapon last year for setting optimal lineups on a weekly basis. The Buy Low/Sell High Machine by Rotoviz lead me to league championships in half my leagues. A one of a kind app that helps you win trades with your league-mates.

Ryan Lessard

The College Career Graphs for WRs have completely changed how I view and rank certain players. When I have a choice between a few WRs, I can pull up their graphs right next to each other and see who is more likely to get me those touchdowns I need to win.

Justin Winn

I love using the College WR Stat Filter App when evaluating a prospect. You can drill into specific parts of a player’s game, like red zone efficiency, 3rd down conversions, and big-play ability.

Ryan Rouillard