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About RosterWatch

Keeper & dynasty leaguers rejoice as RosterWatch is here. Many sites take a break after the Super Bowl, slowly gearing up during the summer, finally ramping up in August. Many sites... but NOT RosterWatch. These guys live, eat, breathe and sleep football 24/7/365. Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert are there, in person, at the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine, University Pro Days of all the top college athletes, NFL Training Camps and so much more. No more taking other reporters words for it. Now, thanks to RosterWatch, you can watch exclusive video these guys take of players and hear athletes and coaches talk so YOU can see and hear for yourself how someone looks and thinks.

But it's not just the exclusive audio and video these guys have of rookies and others. It's their tools like their legendary Matchup Tool, HyperDFS lineup generator & Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet that help you crush. Leaving no stone unturned, their industry first "Vegas Tool" gets you fantasy analysis and picks from the Vegas insiders who have the best handle on how the games will go down. Creators of the Touchdown Dependency Metric, RosterWatch has a complete set of simple to use tools, rankings and analysis that take players day by day, week by week all year long. The only company dedicated to personally covering and analyzing fantasy football every day of the year, it's easy to see why they are the rising stars of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

You know, these days most sites reach out to me to see if their site is good enough to join RotoPass. But in this case, I approached them. I met these guys at the NFL Combine in Indy last year when I wondered who the guys were asking every coach the insightful fantasy questions. I went up and introduced myself and thought "I need to keep an eye on these guys." A year later, I asked them if they'd be in RotoPass as I thought they'd be a great complement to our package, especially for those in keeper or dynasty leagues. I'm thrilled they said yes and soon, you will be too.

— Matthew Berry