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About RotoPass

When you buy a subscription to, you are getting UNLIMITED access to the best premium fantasy football sites on the planet for the entire football season. Super easy to use - just log into RotoPass once and then every site is just ONE CLICK AWAY.

These sites have combined to produce over 70 expert league titles, over 100 different writing awards and feature TEN different FSWA Hall of Famers. They have research, rankings, articles, news, updates and more. All of it fully customizable for whatever format you play, including line-up setting software for daily games. They have text alerts, email updates, cutting edge tools and award winning draft software. Whatever and however you play fantasy football, if you need it, they have it. Along with 100 other things you need but didn't realize until now.

Not every site does everything equally well, so why you should you have to choose? Now you don't have to. Created by ESPN's Matthew Berry, RotoPass is an elite product for the elite player. But you don't have to pay elite prices. With RotoPass, the best premium football sites on the planet are available for over $300 LESS than it would cost to buy them separately!